PlayStation Replacement Laser Deck KSM-440BAM

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The laser on the PlayStation 1 console is known to fail and go out with time.

Replace it with this premium quality laser deck. Tested and verified to read games before sending out.

This fits the PSOne variant of the console. See the compatibility chart below:

KSM-440BAM will fit SCPH-100x - 103x PSOne

KSM-440ADM will fit SCPH500x - SCPH700x series

KSM-440AEM will fit SCPH750x - SCPH900x series

KSM-440ACM/KSM-440AAM/KSM-440ABM will fit 100x - 300x series (Rare, mostly only found on launch models)

You can find your model number on the bottom of your console:


Package contains:

  • 1x PlayStation Replacement Laser Deck (KSM-440BAM)


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Usually ships within 2-3 business days. Delivered to most countries within 3 weeks.
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